voyager docks
voyager docks
voyager aluminum docks
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Voyager Aluminum Docks

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Two Model Options

Roll-In Docks
Available in 4’ and 5’ widths, VoyageR roll-in docks set the standard for simplicity. Just roll them in (it’s even easier with an optional trailer hitch), adjust for the water level, and you’re done. The wheels are made for every lake bottom and as much weight as you can muster. As far as maintenance goes, a few easy turns of a wrench will keep your dock proportional to the water. At the end of the season, just do it in reverse. It couldn’t be easier, it couldn’t be better than a VoyageR Dock.

Standing Docks
This dock isn’t going anywhere—once you set it, you can, as they say, forget it. VoyageR standing docks, which come in 4’ and 5’ widths, are built as rugged as they are beautiful, and they really do stand the test of time. Adjustments are quick and easy, and enjoying these great docks is even easier. 

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15 Year Warranty Included

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Titan Bench
Titan Decking (Reinforced and Traditional)
Deep Water Cross Brace
Reinforced Titan Deck Back
Titan Deck Top
Deck Top Reinforced
Titan Dock Colors
Easy Tow Hitch
Patio Furniture
Shore End Wheels
Canoe Bracket
Flag Pole Bracket
Mooring Ring
Articulating Dock Hinge
Built to Last a Lifetime
Why Buy Aluminum?
Stronger, longer—building with aluminum, topping with Titan.

Nothing should stand between you and the water, except for the strongest, best built, longest lasting dock on the shore. That’s why VoyageR Docks are made with the highest-quality, marine-grade, all-aluminum framing—to be lightweight, so you can move them; yet durable, so Mother Nature can’t.

When you top this type of superior aluminum frame with Titan Decking, you get a dock system you’ll have as long as you enjoy the water.

Titan is polypropylene in perfect form—it’s not only maintenance free, it’s easy on the eyes and your feet. It will stay that way year after year after year.

No shifting, no flexing, no twisting, no bowing. In other words, no problems.
VoyageR Aluminum, the maker of VoyageR Docks, has a long-standing reputation for quality materials and manufacturing. Everything that goes into our docks is American made.

What’s more, VoyageR’s modular design means a dock built to your exact specifications. If your needs change, you can add new sections or rearrange the configuration. 

Hundreds of configurations. And countless hours at the lake.

The length, configuration, and decking are up to you. VoyageR Docks are made for easy installation, simple maintenance and a lifetime of handsome durability. ​

Clean Design – No bars or trusses under the dock means no weeds or webs. Solid sides keep your family, guests and pets safe by eliminating the chance of hands, feet and paws becoming tangled in trusses. Bolts, tie-offs and welds are also safely out of the way. 

Strongest Frame – All-aluminum, marine-grade framing—no flexing, no sagging, no problem. It’s the most solid frame out there. 

More Configurations – Standard 4’ and unique, extra-wide 5’ docks come in 8’, 10’ and 16’ lengths and can be attached side-by-side, end-to-end, end to side, or in any format you wish. 

Better Options – Get just about any dock accessory you can imagine. 

No Maintenance – There’s no rusting and no painting. Dirt and grime wash away easily. Height adjustments on the roll-in model take a few quick turns of the wrench.

Voyager Dock Details